Quincy Amarikwa

why did you join the executive board and what role will you play as a board member?

I joined the Executive Board because I was motivated to continue to invest my time in collaboration with my fellow peers of Black professionals in making meaningful impact. I was originally brought on board to help lead in the building of the organization’s culture, structure & SOP’s as the interim Executive Director. My role has since shifted to focus on the development of strategic partnerships and fundraising for the organization’s mission and initiatives. As well as an advisory role to all Executive Board members.

what does BPC mean to you?

Black Players for Change means for the first time in US Soccer history, that there is a Black Player lead organization in place to advocate for Black Voices. This has never existed, yet has been something that has always been needed.

What has been your experience in the league and what you hope to see change?

My experience in the league has been a grind. As should be the road of a professional athlete. After over 10+ years of a professional career, I can self-reflect on much of my process and know very clearly that many mechanisms that are in place have become obsolete. I plan to use this platform to address, improve and change those mechanisms to become more equitable.

Saying/Quote you live by

Every time you make a mistake, I make magic.

What do you plan to do after soccer?

Continuing to do what I’ve been doing while playing soccer: http://quincyamarikwa.com/about

As well as continuing to develop and improve a team culture of Radical Transparency: http://www.PerfectSoccerSkills.com/RadicalTransparency

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Continuing to do what I do now, with more experience and resources. Mental Strength Coach to some of the world’s most influential people. Owner of an MLS and USL team.

Hidden Talent

Always being in your head. 👉🏽😶👈🏽


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Quick Look

 11 years MLS Experience
 Every time you make a mistake, I make magic.