Jeremy Ebobisse

what does BPC mean to you?

The BPC gives the Black players in the league an opportunity to feel supported through the systemic racism ingrained in our society. Through that support, we can coalesce our voices and platforms in order to convey the messages upon which change can occur. My hope is that the BPC can highlight and collaborate with existing nonprofits in leading institutions to overhaul their outdated, inequitable practices in our communities.

What has your experience in the league and what you hope to see change?

With the presence of the BPC, coupled with the receptive nature of the league officials, I hope that we can bridge a gap in understanding between club staff and Black players. Part of growing up Black means suppressing emotion and personality out of fear of being mischaracterized and ultimately losing a job or access to certain spaces. By fostering dialogue and educative initiatives, Black players will one day be free to be expressive while also being recognized for the full potential of their character, beyond simply their athletic ability.

What do you plan to do after soccer?

I plan to be involved around government in Washington DC, influencing education inequity.


Quick Look

 4 years MLS Experience