CJ Sapong


Why did you join the executive board and what role will you play as a board member?

To actively affect the change that I wish to see and that is necessary to ensure a maximization if potential within the black community.

What does BPC mean to you?

A group of black soccer players that have banded together to utilize their voices and platforms to bring awareness to systemic racism within MLS while

growing the game and individuals within the black community.

What has your experience been in the league and what do you hope to see change?

Have always felt like I’ve had to suppress my “blackness” to make things more comfortable for my peers. Have always felt I had to work harder to get the

same recognition as other non-black players in the league.

Saying/Quote you live by

Be the change you wish to see.

What do you plan to do after soccer?

Lifestyle skills and management and/or athlete representation.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Family man, Activist, business owner.

Hidden Talent

Birds in Paradise. (Yoga pose)

Quick Look

 Be the change you wish to see.