Black Players For Change is honored to be a part of the All American Honorary Committee and be present at the All American: The Power of Sports Exhibit

The National Archives is the official guardian of the nation’s  memory. The Archives maintains a vast trove of material –  currently numbering 15 billion pages of textual records, billions  more electronic records, photographs, films, and other objects.  Collectively, these records tell the countless stories of America  and its diverse people. 

All American: The Power of Sports explores the power of sports to  embody our national ideals and the power of athletes to challenge  us to live up to them. Through the exhibit, we celebrate the role of  sports in creating, spreading, and promoting American identity  through a fascinating collection of artifacts, documents, films, and  photographs from the holdings of the National Archives. 

In partnership with the National Archives Foundation, the  

Archives is launching a national sports initiative that will inspire  millions about U.S. history through the triumphant and challenging  moments of sports. This project will teach students around the  country about the teams and individual athletes who have used  their fame to achieve social change and advance the American  dream. Building on a landmark exhibit at the National Archives  Museum in Washington, D.C., the national outreach effort will  highlight historic and modern athletes to illustrate how civic engagement through policy and protest have been integral to  shaping American communities. – Nationl Archives Foundation

 Photographer, Victoria E. Colbert/VEC, LLC

Horizon Starwood introduced me to the idea of being a committee board member for the National Archives’ All American: The Power of Sports exhibit. Horizon, a soccer storyteller, is an inspirational mobilizer given her commitment to making sure that all members of the soccer community are seen, heard, and valued.

My personal involvement with the National Archives Foundation stems from being a lover of sports, and an advocate for change both on and off the field. As a devoted advocate, I will continue to help spread the rich history and power behind sports’ ability to bring many groups of people together in the many years to come.

Ray Gaddis, Black Players For Change Board Member

Larry French, Getty Images