BPC Limited Edition II – The Black Out Collection x Participation Trophy Studio

Black Players For Change brings you our most notable charitable fundraiser sweepstakes!  With an exclusive drop of 17 limited edition customized jerseys celebrating Black History Month available via randomized sweepstakes- 100% of proceeds being donated.

The Black Out Collection is a representation of 2021.





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The Black Out Collection was inspired by our collective and individual experience and stories of 2021. It is the culmination of our experiences both inside and outside of the league. A physical representation of support, unity and every emotion in between.


We decided to take our jerseys and black them out as a representation of our presence in the league and a representation of our presence in the world. It is our way of showing we are here, we have always been here and now you can see how valuable we truly are. 

We understand in order to make change we must be unified at all levels. Our branded hashtag #TogetherThereWillBeChange is a reminder to everyone that we are all equally needed in this fight for equity. No one person, or group of people can do this alone. It takes a collective and consistent effort to realize this goal.

Our History is American History. 



Participating Players

  • Imani Dorsey – Gotham FC

  • Crystal Dunn – Portland Thorns

  • Kellyn Acosta – LAFC

  • Quincy Amarikwa – Oakland Roots

  • Jalil Anibaba – Columbus Crew

  • Déiber Caicedo – Vancouver Whitecaps

  • Drake Callender – Inter Miami

  • Dayne St Clair – Minnesota United

  • Hassani Dotson – Minnesota United

  • Earl Edwards Jr. – New England Revolution

  • Jacori Hayes – Minnesota United

  • Marlon Hairston – Columbus Crew

  • Sean Johnson – NYCFC

  • Leonard Owusu – Vancouver Whitecaps

  • Tosaint Ricketts – Vancouver Whitecaps

  • CJ Sapong – Nashville SC

  • Gyasi Zardes – Columbus Crew

Each exclusive piece has a story of its own. Here’s your chance to enter to win a piece of history while supporting the efforts of some impactful, purposeful, missions driven organizations and individuals

Crystal Dunn

Quincy Amarikwa

Kellyn Acosta

Tosaint Ricketts

Imani Dorsey

Sean Johnson

Gyasi Zardes

Leonard Owusu

Jalil Anibaba

Drake Callender

Jacori Hayes

Déiber Caicedo

Earl Edwards Jr.

Dayne St. Clair

Cj Sapong

Hassani Dotson


Imani Dorsey

It means everything to me to have the BWPC. For too long I actively kept my identity as a black woman separate from my identity as a footballer and how I engaged with the sport. The BWPC has shown me that my identity as a black woman and footballer can coexist. Furthermore, the BWPC has given me community and support. It reminds me that I am not alone in my walk as a minority and that my experience and perspective can hopefully help others feel less alone.

Crystal Dunn

Throughout my career, I have oftentimes been one of the few if not only black girls on my team. It was an uncomfortable space to exist in, but I learned to embrace my identity and use my experience to help create a brighter future for the next generation. When I take the field, I am playing for something bigger than myself. I represent women who look like me, who may not have always felt seen or heard. The Black Women’s Player Collective has given me an incredible support system made up of amazing women who share my passion for increasing accessibility and diversity in soccer.

Quincy Amarikwa

2021 provided insight and perspective. Seeds planted began to sprout, showcasing pathways for all to a prosperous future. This jersey represents my joy in watching my brothers of BPC and sisters of BWPC lead the way.

Jalil Anibaba

From my perspective 2021 was about intentional reflection, fortitude, and growth both individually and collectively. Reflection was vitally important as it provided us the opportunity to see how we could improve our efforts in making positive impacts on the lives of those we aim to enhance. The fortitude to consciously stand in the face of adversity and continue to fight for equality breeds confidence. Lastly, growing to be better people is a civic duty and the foundation that we have created through Black Players for Change provides all of us with a space to do just that while leaving this place better off than how we found it.

Déiber Caicedo

Puedes pasarte la vida esperando que los demás hagan lo correcto, o te enfrentas sin miedo a cada desafío.


You can spend your life expecting others to do the right thing, or you face every challenge fearlessly.

Drake Callendar

2021 was a year full of growth. I experienced growth in all aspects of life, which has allowed me to learn life lessons that will add to my character. I learned how to express myself in more ways than just playing soccer. By being a part of Black Players for Change, I was able to express my passion for making a difference in the community. This was a milestone for my development because I always looked forward to giving back to the community in some form when I was a kid.
Last year also taught me the value of cultivating deeper relationships with the people around me. I’ve been fortunate to not have lost anyone close to me, but I have friends and peers who have lost people around them. It was a wake up call to ensure that I was being proactive with communicating and spending time with my family and friends, not taking any time spent or moments shared together for granted.

Alongside being a part of BPC and valuing my relationships, I became more grateful for my physical, mental, and emotional health. I found that by learning how to manage the pressures of everyday life, it gave me more confidence and energy when it came to doing more for myself and the community. My overall health has improved from being committed to optimizing my mind and body and staying consistent with the habits that heal and strengthen me.
Overall, 2021 meant a lot for my growth and I plan on applying what I learned from last year to this year.

Hassani Dotson, Jacori Hayes & Dayne St. Claire

When we thought about what 2021 meant for us, persistence was the theme that we
consistently mentioned. In 2020, emotions were high. Everyone wanted to take immediate action looking themselves in the mirror and wanting to find solutions to problems that have plagued this country for centuries. As time has passed, we are proud of the continued enthusiasm within Black Players for Change and others we have worked with to improve the lives of people in the community and find solutions. We have had the pleasure of working with fellow players in Black Players for Change to alter the soccer landscape in this country and the likes of Tony Sanneh and Mario Wimberly who are changing the lives of kids in the Twin Cities. For the rest of our careers and lives, we want to amplify the leaders in our community and be the change we want to see in our country.

For our picture, especially living in Minneapolis, we wanted to have a mural centering George Floyd as the focal point. The tragic murder of George Floyd was the genesis for Black Players for Change. As we reflected on the past year, we were encouraged by everything we have accomplished as a group. We are planting the seeds for future generations of not only soccer players but also our communities as a whole to have better lives. Even though media attention and daily conversations for racial justice in the general public has regressed since 2020, there are a lot of people doing amazing work behind the scenes everyday. This persistence will pay off, and we will see the fruit of that labor.

Earl Edwards Jr.

In 2020 the world was in a state of reconciliation, and people were invigorated to address racism head on. In 2021 I noticed less social media posts in support of black lives, I saw athletes begin to stand for the anthem again, less marches, less protests and less conversations regarding racism. We all knew that would be the case. The height of the movement in 2020 was impossible to sustain. Anticipating its decline, it was important for us as an organization to contemplate how we would sustain our impact for years to come.

Along with executing initiatives independently, we knew in 2021 that it would be important to work with like-minded organizations to fight for social justice. We were able to strengthen our partnerships with previous partners like the Players Coalition, and US Soccer Foundation, and establish new partnerships that will further expand our impact. In 2021 we cemented our foundation, and I look forward to seeing what 2022 has in store.

Marlon Hariston

For me, 2021 was a year of growth. Not only on the field but also by becoming more involved with the BPC. As a pro athlete, so much focus is on winning. Getting results that define your career.. But over time I’ve learned that winning off the field is just as important. Making a difference in the community and being a voice for those who may be unheard, will define my life!!

Sean Johnson

2021 was a year that possessed many challenges both on and off the field but ended in triumph with winning my first MLS Cup and being able to celebrate it with my brothers of the BPC, will be one that I cherish forever.

This jersey represents my journey and hopefully provides hope for generations to come. Uplift others around you and surround yourself with those who uplift and together…there will be change!

Leonard Owusu

We keep working.

Tosaint Ricketts

 I take pride in being a part of BPC. To be involved with a group that is pushing the boundaries and creating opportunities for others is truly an honour!

Gyasi Zardes

For me, 2021 was a year of learning, educating, and inspiring. Numerous events such as injustices and communities in need were apparent throughout our country. It was important to take the time and learn so I can apply my knowledge and platform to help make a change.  My kids are growing older and watching my every move, so as a father it was important to start educating them about past and present events. Inspiring the next generation is something I continue to strive for.